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As Seen On TV Grassology


As Seen On TV Grassology is said to be a breakthrough in lawn care. Enjoy endless hours entertaining your friends and family at BBQs and playing games on your soft green grass. This product is designed to give you an attractive lawn with relative ease. It is specially formulated to be extremely low maintenance whether planted in the sun or shade. Rather than requiring constant water and fertilizer, the patented As Seen On TV grass seeds grow long roots that make them more likely to find water and nutrients. This means you should be able to spend less time watering and feeding your yard. The low maintenance grass seed, developed by Pearl’s Premium, is a special type that grows slowly. You could be spending less time mowing and more time enjoying your other activities thanks to its dwarf height. Enjoy your outdoor time with family and pets.

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This can be a good option for repairing bare patches that can occur from the placement of vehicles or pools. Shady areas can also become barren due to their lack of sun. It is "guaranteed to grow" according to the As Seen On TV brand. You can sprinkle it over your entire exterior plot, if you desire. The barefoot-soft grass has been engineered to resist disease, insects and weeds. Problems like dandelions and sharp burrs should also decrease when using this convenient solution to lawn care. Save yourself time, energy, and money when you use As Seen On TV Grassology Seed. As Seen On TV Grassology: Look forward to lower watering costsReduces the number of times you have to mowLess fertilizer neededLess weedingAs Seen On TV grass seed